Documentary – an update

We would like to post an update and talk about the progress we are making with the documentary. We wish we could tell the whole story to justify why it is taking so long for the trailer to be out, but since we can’t, we will only say that it is for a good reason, and due to an incredible and unexpected development – something very special that happened after we returned from Poland. This completely changed our plans, and now we need to fly back to Auschwitz to have and provide the closure that we need. Also, we had no idea of how hard and intense the process would be. In fact, we still can’t believe that we managed to pull this off and the way that the idea was born and all the little magic moments that happened since the project was created, ultimately culminating in this documentary, will also be explored in the film. The story is too precious to be overlooked. We are a very small team of volunteers working on a passion project. We promise that we are working very hard to make the best documentary that we could possibly make. We owe this to ourselves, to the people whose stories we’ve been telling through Faces of Auschwitz and to everyone who’s been involved since the beginning.

Hopefully, our (current) ultimate goal will be achieved and we will be able to share the first teaser soon.

Thank you for your patience and for your support.
Marina, Michael and Nick.

One thought on “Documentary – an update

  1. Thank you so much for what you are doing. I am Polish and members of my family were sent to Syberia or fought and died during Warsaw Uprising. Black and white pictures are kind of surreal. When you make them in colour they are real people that I relate to! Looking at them made me cry instantly, and think about the horror these people went through.
    I found out about your project on facebook. Best of luck with everything!

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